Where to Find Help

When you’re first starting out on your spiritual path the internet can be an overwhelming place.

With a cacophony of information available at your fingertips, invariably some of what you’ll find is helpful, some is garbage, and some will just not be for you. 

It never hurts to do your research on the historical aspects of the deities, religions, and practices that you’re interested as well as seeking out reputable groups who work with that deity in more modern fashions.

However, while there are lots of great resources out there, it’s important to take what you read with a grain of salt and realise that everyone is volunteering information based on their own experiences and backgrounds. If the information you’re finding seems suspect, never be afraid to get another opinion from a more reputable source.

I personally got my start on The Cauldron Forum, this is an interfaith group that has been active since 1997. They are very welcoming and happy to answer anyone’s questions. Also, since the forum has been around so long, you can often use the search feature to find answers to your questions from previous threads.

If you are interested specifically in Hellenic Paganism, the Hellenic Pagan Facebook Group is also a great resource. There are a lot of knowledgeable people in the group and most posts receive answers from varying viewpoints to help give a well-rounded view of the Greek deities’ modern worship. 

If you visit my Social Media page I’ve compiled a list of blogs, websites, and groups that I’ve found to be knowledgeable and responsible.

Be aware that the Pagan community does unfortunately have certain groups who have racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, and other unsavory messages or leanings. As your spiritual life is meant, at its core, to elevate you, I would advise keeping away from these types of groups, or people.

Likewise, I would recommend avoiding any group, or individual, that isn’t tolerant of any different ideas or viewpoints, or who claim to be the ultimate authority on something. People who are regarded as an authority on any subject don’t have to tell you they’re an authority.

There are some groups that target other groups, or individuals, for having different (but non-harmful) ideas by ridiculing them or even actually interfering with their target’s lives. Avoid these groups like the plague, what they’re willing to do to others they’re willing to do to you.