Welcome 2019!

It it approximately 2:00 am at the time of this post, and at this point in the newly burgeoning year I have already kissed velvety horse muzzles, played fetch with my cat, and yelled unfortunate things at the neighbours (they couldn’t hear me over their fireworks, thank goodness). It looks to be an auspicious year.

I spent most of the day working, cleaning, and running errands so that we could start 2019 fresh. The floor is freshly swept, the hoya replanted, everything in the “altar” dusted and lovingly rearranged.

The new snake, as of yet unnamed, ate like a champ today. Cricket, my loyal menace, remains highly suspicious, but it’s honestly much safer for the snake that he keeps his distance.

I’ve meditated before going to bed the last two nights and intend to continue this into the new year. Being more present in my life has been such an enriching feeling that I want to continue this practice and add to it in 2019.

My hope for the new year is that I’ll begin writing regularly here on the blog and begin to engage more with other pagans, both in my local community and online. We’ll see how this progresses, as I remain very convinced I could be a very content hermit.

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