Untitled Poem by Kelly L.

This poem was written by an internet friend of mine from over a decade ago now, but has always meant the world to me.

It was posted for the first time when I desperately needed a sign from Apollon that I was on the right path.

For the last decade it has been the first entry in every personal journal that I’ve kept and it seems only fitting that it be included as the first post here on the Delphinium blog.

“Know that when your world is slipping away, I will not slip away,

I am the light in your darkest hour,

I am the dream in your silent night,

I am the quiet stream, slowly moving mountains,

Know that nothing is ever beyond your reach, so long as you hold it in your heart,

When your battle is done and you can fight no longer, turn to me. I will lead you.

And when the sun’s last rays sink below the horizon and the darkest night engulfs you, sleep soundly, for I am the coming dawn. ”



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